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Planescape Discussion Community

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Discussion community for the Planescape RPG, a campaign setting for D&D.
A discussion group for people interested in what may be the best D&D setting ever made, Planescape.

Planescape was published by TSR between 1994 and 1998. Black Isle, a division of Interplay, published a computer game called "Planescape: Torment" in 1999, which won RPG of the Year.

Most D&D settings took place on various individual worlds (except Ravenloft, which takes place in a demiplane floating in the Ethereal Plane). Spelljammer, a fantasy space-travel setting, was a way to unify all these disparate worlds, to physically travel from one to the other. Still Ravenloft was the odd man out, and all the other planes of existence (the Inner Planes, the Astral Plane, the Outer Planes) were left relatively undefined. With the advent of Planescape, all that changed.

Planescape took place in Sigil, a floating ring-shaped city in the outer planes that may very well have been at the center of the multiverse. Conceptually, if not physically. Aided by the astounding art of Tony Diterlizzi, the fantastic incomprehensible nature of the planes was explored, making for some of the most amazing settings. Sigil itself was a melting pot of cultures, species and philosophies. Belief has a profound effect on reality, so 15 philosphical factions have arisen. Each controls an aspect of the city's daily life, and each is intent on swaying all comers to their point of view. Because whichever faction has the most believers becomes the most correct. Sigil's ruled by a mysterious figure known as the Lady of Pain. Her bladed head can be seen in the Planescape logo.

Many of us have fallen in love with this new approach to D&D. Almost ten years after it has ceased publishing, we're keeping it alive in our imaginations and in our hearts.

Please use common sense when posting to this community. Thank you.